Election 2017: Corbyn ends final day of campaigning with London rally – as it happened

eremy Corbyn recalled how the campaign began on Tuesday 17 April with a visit to meet carers in Birmingham just hours after Theresa May called the snap poll. The Birmingham event had been in the diary and his staff expected him to cancel, with the justifiable excuse of the election announcement. But Corbyn being Corbyn, he fulfilled his promise and that became the first of more than 100 campaign events.

He had travelled 7,000 miles, from the snows of Aviemore to the sunshine of the south of England, addressing in total 90 rallies.

His speech was repeatedly met with claps and standing ovations. The loudest came when he said, as if replaying a scene from Love Actually, he would stand up to Donald Trump.
It was a wide-ranging speech, from opposition to austerity to human rights and comments that you should not be afraid to admit to a love of poetry.

The campaign was twice suspended because of the two terrorist attacks. People should respond by turning out to exercise their right to vote, Corbyn said: “People fought and died for our right to vote. In the course of this campaign people have lost their lives in Manchester and here in London – citizens of a free and democratic country.

“We can honour the victims of these atrocities tomorrow by voting, by showing democracy that will never be cowed by terror. And that hope can triumph over fear.”

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